BERKLEE TODAY MAGAZINE – Susan Gedutis Lindsay

… Titled Echo Resonance & Memory, the second phase of Leonard’s project is an installation developed in conjunction with Italian choreographer Gabriella Riccio and video artist Alia Scalvino. The work was performed in a small village on the side of Mount Vesuvius, Napoli, in late May. It was based on a surround-sound collage of recordings of an outdoor modern art piece constructed from a cluster of weathered church bells by Italian conceptual artist Jannis Kounellis, at La Marrana, the private estate for environmental art in La Spezia. Rather than presenting the installation on a traditional stage, the three artists performed simultaneously in the passageway of a historic building. Leonard’s prerecorded processed sounds and live saxophone playing accompanied Riccio’s movement and Scalvino’s live video creating an echoing conversation that explored the work’s themes.

“Unlike a traditional piece with a beginning, middle, and end, this piece has no fixed point for the audience to focus on,” Leonard says. “We’re seeking to create something conducive to contemplating this site – a beautiful village on the side of an active volcano.” Later this summer, Leonard and his collaborators will perform Echo Resonance & Memory at the national Italian theater triennial in Napoli, Napoli Teatro Festival Italia.

by Susan Gedutis Lindsay
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