Noli Me Tangere


concept & creation gabriella riccio
drammaturgy gabriella riccio through Jean-Luc Nancy
with gabriella riccio, alessandro pintus
sound environment gabriella riccio, massimo scamarcio
literary environment gabriella riccio fragment from  C.G.Jung, Nietzsche, Nijinsky and others…
music fragments by Mina, Vinicio Capossela

production compagnia gabriella riccio | caosmos
in collaboration with L’Asilo – Choreographic Residency 2015

selected by Transitidanza 2 Mibac/Eti Nuovo Teatro Nuovo Napoli;  Deus Ex Machina 0.1 Kollatino Underground, Roma; DOCK11, Berlin

Noli Me Tangere, title of the piece, is the very first words that Christ pronouces to Mary Magdalene at resurrection: “Do not touch me” also translated as “Do not stop me”. Evocative and powerful the work is a physical score generated through the use of a sensitive sound environment applied to the performance. Messages from philosophy, poetry and literature intersect around the body, intimacy, relationship, life and death, the divine and the human, the urge of the performing action. The performance reads and dances Jean-Luc Nancy and among the others Giddens, Mishima, Dante, Bergson, Nijinsky. A sophisticated and minimal performance for sound incarnate and sounding bodies: a nude scene, a number of microphones in a circle on piles of books, two bodies interact in a dramaturgy understood not as a narration, but built through signs and actions on the scene. A choreographic research about touch and de-touch unfolding on three directives: horizontally (the grave), vertically (the resurrection) and the circle (extasy and life). The live electronic partiture of sound activated by the vibrations of the dancing bodies, the choreography, the spoken words and the signs through the use of lights multiply the layers of meanings, merging conceptual and dramatic.

director’s notes

start with a gap / separating time / unbridgeable space between human beings / time-space discrepancy / distance between the phases of being / lapse / void / interruption / tending to / suggesting a  / continuum / noli me tangere / do not touch me / do not hold me back / transfigured Christ pronounces to Magdalene / impatience / urgence / piercing sometimes / like the performative act / do not hold me back from what I must accomplish now / because it is ethical for art to be / perhaps even scandalous is the urgence of this ethic of discovering / of showing  oneself exposed / going towards / an unrenounceable action / yet also  / a taboo / of contact / of allowing to be penetrated / of allowing to break and contaminate our sphere as individuals / attempting to not change status / not renounce the ego / not go beyond / because renouncing contamination takes to sterility / non fertile act / the warning becomes excruciating reminder  / to follow a path of transfiguration / towards a contact with / the intangible self-knowledge / one’s duty to accomplish oneself. [Gabriella Riccio]